I'm Austin.
A developer, content creator & entrepreneur.

About Me

Over the years, I've worked in depth in both the hardware and software side of technology. I've built / repaired hundreds of computers, servers & security systems and developed a few dozen applications. One of which was featured on iTunes & the Apple App Store with Four others featured by HP/Palm. I've also been blessed to work for some of the best creative agencies throughout Louisville, Cincinnati & Chicago.

I repaired my first computer at the age of 12, and I've been teaching myself new things ever since.

At 14 I stumbled upon the basics of programming via a TI-83 Plus calculator, where when I wasn't hustling candy bars or charging my peers access to MySpace during school hours, I was writing and selling calculator games & apps to all the other students. (Before "App Stores" existed.)

After graduating, I focused on developing mobile apps for a couple years, producing over 20 mobile apps while rapidly developing my skillsets.

From 2011-2014, I was the CTO & Co-Founder for a startup called Impulcity, a super awesome city guide (web/apps) for select cities throughout the Mid West. We participated in the Brandery tech-accelerator program, were showcased on NBC's Today Show, featured by Apple for 6 weeks straight and even on a few evening news stories.

Towards the end of 2015 I challenged myself to a 30-day photo spree which eventually turned into over 2.74 years (1,000 days) of consistent daily photos while developing a following on Instagram of nearly 20k.

In early 2016 I was brought on as the Director of Engineering for a startup called Cuddle Clones, where I helped solidify new branding guidelines across all advertising & social platforms while simultaneously leading product development of an extremely customized e-commerce platform where I brought the average checkout time from 28 minutes down to 3 minutes while offering an "infinite loop" up-sell implementation so customers could add additional products for their pet within seconds. In 2017 Cuddle Clones won the Kentucky award for fastest growing startup. To date, it is the largest, most detailed database regarding family pets ever compiled.

After 2 years of working nights and weekends, I finally launched my passion project and second startup in November, 2018. LiveWarm is my first attempt at bringing a tangible product to market while still encompassing my past passions of software and e-commerce.

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