I'm Austin.
A developer, creator & entrepreneur.

About Me

I repaired my first computer at the age of 12, and I've been teaching myself new things ever since.

At 14 I taught myself the basics of programming on a TI-83 Plus calculator, writing and selling calculator games & apps to other students. (Before Steve Jobs even knew what an "App Store" was.)

Over the years, I've worked in depth in both the hardware and software side of technology. I've built/repaired hundreds of computers, scores of servers & security systems and developed dozens of applications, 4 featured by HP/Palm, as well as worked for some of the best creative agencies throughout Louisville, Cincinnati & Chicago.

The last couple years I spent all my waking hours focused on Impulcity, a super awesome city guide (web/apps) for select cities throughout the Mid West. We participated in the Brandery tech-accelerator program, been showcased on NBC's Today Show, featured by Apple for 6 weeks straight and as well as a few evening news stories.

In 2015 I co-founded a Boutique Mobile & Web Products Lab called Elevate Labs, where when we're not creating a new product every 6 weeks, we're performing client work - for a broad range of clients from start-ups, mom & pop's & giant international companies.

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