Personal Finance, Reinvented.

Working with Cache to bring their vision of an Artificial Intelligence for your money to life.

The Pitch

The team at Cache approached with their idea in it's most infant phase. Loving their vision of a smarter way to manage your money and plan for lifes most important goals, I wanted to be apart of the UX process. Engineers at heart, they needed a brand that could convey the effectiveness of their technology and build trust with users.

We worked closely in sync to develop a brand and style that fit their ambitions.
The next step was to bring their ideas to life on the web and on mobile.

Bringing an AI to life.

As this project is still under development, it's limited what can be shown from behind the curtain.

Startups are an interative process, build an MVP, ship it and see how users respond. For Cache's MVP we wanted to limit the amount of cognitive overhear a user might have to handle, after all, finance is a headache. After building a deep understanding of their demographic needs, we were able to begin designing the future of finance.

The End Results.

We ended up settling on a color-neutral design for their mobile app that allows Cache to easily communicate a user's financial health. The next step was to ensure that the design of the product didn't get too far ahead of itself and remained stripped down for their MVP. We accomplished that by drilling down to the essentials and staying away from the nice-to-haves, while still maintaining a unique experience.

Cache Landing Page

The mission behind any good landing page is to drive conversions. For Cache that means projecting a brand that is approachable, yet trustworthy.

We paneled a handful of tech-minded millennials to understand what features really excited them. We were then able to build a brand story around them and deliver the final result.

Savings Dashboard

In order to allow users to easily see what's happening with their Cache account from the web, we had to construct a simple, easy to digest Dashboard.

The interactive chart let's you make sense of your spending and how that relates to your savings potential.

More Work

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