A Custom Pet Product Customizer

Cutting down the checkout time by 700%

The Details

Cuddle Clones is a Louisville based startup (and the fastest growing in the state) that creates identical plush clones of your pet. Ranging from Geckos to Great Danes, they provide an easy way to preserve the memory of your pet, in stuffed animal form. Their existing site was due for a major upgrade and desperately needed a modern / responsive foundation.

Designing A Scalable Product Customizer

With offering so many custom products, Cuddle Clones needed a fast, fun and informative way to guide customers through the checkout flow as quickly as possible.
The previous site required the customer to fill out their pet's info and pics for every purchase, drastically increasing time it took to checkout as well as decreasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

In order to solve these dilemas, I designed their new e-commerce build focused around a "Pet Profile" where the user only has to enter their info once per pet to use across all their future purchases. This led to an excellent opportunity for an "infinite loop" upsell offering before taking the user to the cart. These tactics were able to decrease checkout time of 20+ minutes with a 1 product average to 4 minutes with a 2.6 product average.

The finished product launched a month before their next raise, allowing them to quickly flush out their Series A round and becoming the fastest growing company in the state.

The Finished Product

More Work

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